If you are in a tough situation that isn't covered by our usual - unusual cards - Perhaps you'd like a custom card! It's simple, just click on the link below and fill out the custom order form. Tell us about your situation or your friend's predicament if this is a gift to help out a pal. Include your initial thoughts on to whom your otherannouncements will be sent (i.e. just immediate family, work associates, 100 friends, everyone I know, etc.). We understand these little cards grow on you and you may send them to more people once you have them, but let us know who you really want to inform.

Our team of ‘strange information experts’ will start work on your cause immediately after receiving your order. As you might imagine, creating a Personal otherannouncement  takes our full attention, both care and comedy are used to address your needs. Therefore we charge a set up fee of $45.99 to cover the brainstorming effort and typesetting of your custom card. (This fee does not cover the cost of the actual cards.) Here's how it works...

STEP ONE:  Click on the link below and fill out the "SETTING UP YOUR CUSTOM CARD DESIGN" form and pay your set up fee. We will e-mail you three hilarious customized otherannouncement card ideas within 14 business days.

STEP TWO:  If you're happy with the choices, pick the one that best suits your needs, and go to step three! But if you would like us to make a minor edit, or give us more information so we can try again, or make a suggestion of your own after seeing ours, you can do so!

after you've had time to look over the choices and made your final decision, then you go to:

STEP THREE:  Now order the quantity of cards you would like by going to the order page, and using the "ordering your custom card" order form. Choose which design you would like, and the quantity!

Fear not, we have heard many a scary situation and started this company based on an embarrassing misfortune of our own. We will not judge you for the 'fine mess' you may find yourself in. Because of the time needed to work on your custom text, there is no refund on the setup fee if you decide not to print the cards for any reason!

IF your personalized otherannouncement situation is so special that we're stumped, we’ll let you know right away and refund your set up fee immediately.

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