Biography of Diane Farr

Diane Farr is a household name to Gen X and Y'ers for her work as co-host of MTV's cult phenomenon 'Loveline'. Five years ago, Farr was brought on board 'Loveline' to give it a long awaited feminine edge. She added her charismatic personality and quick-witted intelligence to what was once "the all male couch." Her "whisky soaked voice" offered perspective to callers for 165 episodes and Universities around the country have packed audiences into the thousands for a ninety minute stand-up show by Farr on "What's up with America's youth?"

Farr currently stars on the CBS Friday night drama "Numb3rs" as FBI agent Megan Reeves. She previously starred in the FX hit "Rescue Me" playing the only female firefighter on the show - but she is no stranger to the all male cast. Diane left 'Loveline' to join ABC's 'The Drew Carey Show', playing a recurring role as the love interest of all the men. She went on to star on ABC's most critically acclaimed series of 2001, "The Job," as the only female detective. Farr has also starred in 'Roswell' and 'Like Family' on the WB and in the recent HBO film 'Sacrifice' - where she actually got to work with some other females.

Farr is a New Yorker who's first love was the theatre. But after her Broadway debut in the original comedy "No Place Like Home" Farr was shipped off to Los Angeles. When she first arrived in California, Farr was asked by an entertainment lawyer if she had any desire to teach acting. The query led to an unbelievable opportunity for her to teach at a maximum security men's prison in Los Angeles. Diane accepted the job and since then, she has completed two ten-week contracts teaching at the prison and has begun a similar program with un-wed teenage mothers in South Central Los Angeles. Farr is currently working on a documentary about her prison experience.

Diane's first book, THE GIRL CODE, was released on Valentine's Day 2001. The book is a comic look at single women in the twenty-first century. The book is published by Little, Brown and Co. and has been sold to seven countries, in four languages. Diane has written for Jane, Esquire, Maxim, La Confidential, Glamour and Self magazines; as well her regular monthly contributions for Cosmopolitan and Soma.

Diane is incredibly thankful that she was dumped, as the experience has brought her more love and laughs than that relationship ever could have. has received thousands of letters from men and women from all over the world since the day of it's inception - pointing out the commonality we all feel in life's strange twists, but we somehow feel the need to hide. Breaking down the taboo of disappointment has become a personal goal of Diane's. She has sold the story of her breakup and as a TV series.
Diane Farr's Book

The Girl Code: The Secret Language of Single Women On Dating, Sex, Shopping And Honor Among Girlfriends

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Biography of Laurie Bailey

Ironically, while the first OtherAnnoucement card was created when an engagement ended, Laurie Bailey has spent a good deal of time bringing engagements to fruition! She recently hosted the Lifetime special, "My Best Friend's Wedding," where she helped a bride plan not her own, but her best friend's big day. "Helping someone plan their own wedding can be stressful enough," Laurie says "but when you're picking out wedding gowns and flowers that the bride isn't going to see until the big day…well that's a whole other challenge!" She is also a regular host on "Live Like a Star" on Fox. With Colin Cowie, Laurie acts as one of two celebrity party planners where she helps plan a surprise and very special Hollywood scale party for a deserving someone.

A longtime actress, Laurie first appeared as Lauren Cabot on As the World Turns and has since appeared in sitcoms and in numerous independent films. The Las Vegas International Film Festival dubbed her "the new indie princess" after starring in three feature films at eleven festivals in the same season.

When Laurie isn't acting or helping brides make tough decisions, she can be found working as a photographer in Los Angeles. Laurie uses her artistic talents to shoot weddings, children and performers in a true photojournalistic style. "Photographers are storytellers. At weddings, in particular, I strive to tell the story of the day using my camera. Posed shots are great, but I'm also on a scavenger hunt for "moments"…the bride's mother helping button the back of the dress, the groom's face as he sees the bride for the first time, the bride taking off her shoes and rubbing her tired feet at the end of the night…those are the moments that tell the story later on." . Her work has appeared in publications such as TravelAge West Magazine and the International Herald Tribune.

As a writer, Laurie is working on her first book, "Married Not Dead…The Hip Couple's Guide to the Sexy Married Life," which takes many of its cues from her ten year marriage to husband, Owen, an environmental activist. "So many people think they need to suddenly change when they tie the knot…that's what does them in, I think…they put on this unfamiliar married persona because they think they're supposed to. My motto, 'Some couples settle down, hip couples trade up!' I saw the need for a book that really empowers modern, hip couples to take charge of their marriages and not leave their personalities at the altar with their knee prints…"

But of course her most important job of all is being mom to her toddler son and greatest joy, Benjamin!