These are letters from actual women who have suffered cruel twists of fate and are growing stronger from it. If you would like to send us your own story, please click here.

Hi Dianne,
I read your story in Glamour magazine (Dec. 2003). After reading your tragedy made me open my eyes. Last year my fiance left me 2 days before my wedding. WOW, what a shock it was to all my family, friends etc, etc... But wow, what a blessing it turned out to be in the end. I was devastated at first thinking that Im the only one this happens to and I almost let my pride hit the floor. I couldnt believe he waited that close to the date to actually say, "I decided not to marry you." no reason came out of this except excuses to belittle my self esteem. Throughout this tragedy, I thought positve and not negative thoughts. His loss, some other man has the chance to appreciate me now, and the best of all... that poor woman who he dates next....

I did the same things you did by getting rid of everything that smelled like him, reminded me of him etc, etc, etc... Took a drive one day and asked myself, "Why did I almost leave all my values at the door for him? Is any man worth this kind of grief?"

I won't say it was easy but the best advice I give all women is to pick yourself back up and believe in yourself. Any man who has no respect or dignity that could do this to another has no opportunity or chance to be in my family or in my life. I don't regret what happened because everything happens for reasons. I never think about the past because the future is what awaits me. I now have met a wonderful man and the best part is he is 110% better than the one I almost married. We as women sometimes let love get in the way of our morals... I now have looked at the big picture. I have my life back that I never saw it but everyone would tell me how different I am now for the better than I ever was before. I love who I've become from this breakup... I look back now and can't believe I almost married this guy!!! Like I said before, I feel sorry for this next girl!

Diane, I wish I knew about your cards last year, I would have ordered them!!! I loved your article!!!

Take care,

My boyfriend and I dated for 5 years. We were best friends, and the question was never IF we were going to get married, but when. We lived together, loved together...I knew his family better than my own and loved him completely. As an actor, a few months ago he got his first job on a theater tour...he was really excited, and I was excited that his dreams were coming true. We had never been closer than right before he left, and he told everyone that he was going to propose to me by the end of the summer. He even asked for my ring size before he left, and insisted that I fly out to visit him every three weeks.

Well, 2 weeks into the tour, he dumped me for a chorus girl! He sent me a break-up E-MAIL!!! He cheated, lied, then lied about lying and basically hasn't talked to me since, only to say that he just "reacted" to what "life threw at him," and he "doesn't understand my angry streak," and not to talk to him again until I'm over him! I am at a loss, he turned into such an egomaniac. I'm struggling to find someone who can relate to me...maybe you can. I have no idea what happened with our relationship. The future that I was so excited about with him was yanked away very abruptly with no explanation. I love your cards though...maybe you can help me think of a personalized card? Help!

When I read Diane's story in Glamour magazine I was so inspired. Hearing her survival story encouraged me to bandage my wounds and move on. After being engaged for 6 months, my ex decided that we where not "right" for each other. He broke it off never to call me again. After 3 years that was it!! Finished. I way left to cancel the hall, church, photographer,etc. I was left broken hearted felling so sorry for myself. Full of broken dreams, crushed future.It was all so unreal. What happened? It was such a surprise. Now...moving on. Where do I begin? I sought after women who had been through the heartache. Seeking some comfort that I would be alright and I will move on. Then, while flipping through Glamour, I cam across Diane's story. It has inspired me to clean out the past. Throw he "garbage" out and move on. This is my life. I have ordered the single cards and I have the inspiration I needed to move forward, for myself. I carry that article in my purse because it picks me up and inspires me to keep moving forward. Diane, I do hope you read this because you greatly inspired me. Thanks!!

Laura DeLuca

I checked out your website after reading the great article in the December issue of Glamour magazine. The timing was uncanny; just last week I went to, looking for cards on a topic that I think needs to be addressed: infertility. My husband and I dealt with it for nearly two years, and we have many friends and family members who are still attempting to conceive. Infertility is another topic - like illness, unemployment and broken engagements - that becomes the "elephant in the room." It's on everyone's mind, but no one is sure what they should or should not say, or whether they should even bring it up. Why not have cards available for the couple, so they can let people know what their status and/or state of mind is?

Cover: I peed on the stick.
Inside: All I got was a gross stick.

Sincerely, Heather K. Smith

I met my fiancee in the second grade. He and I became fast friends and grew up together. 11 years after we met we fell in love and got engaged a year and a half later while dancing to Frank Sinatra in his living room. The two days before Christmas he helped me pick up a couch I bought my parents. He seemed upset about something and when I asked what he told me he would talk to me later. Then he left. I called him later that night and he told me that he was leaving me for someone else. When we got off the phone, I looked on my bed and found the gift he bought me for Christmas. That's when I realized that not only did he break up with me two days before Christmas and over the phone, that's how he planned it! Later that night, I told my brother and he opened all of the gifts my parents bought my fiancee for Christmas and the next day he took me on a shopping spree to cheer me up. Mainly, I got through it because my family was behind me and my friends really stuck up for me. While it wasn't the greatest time in my life, it is the time that taught me the most about life.

I was very inspired by Dianne's open and honest story on Orphah (January 2003), but only shown in the Republic of Ireland in August 2005.

Like Dianne, I too met what I thought was my "soul mate" and for both of us, love blossomed in a very short few weeks. At 48 years of age and having been divorced and single for approximately 8 years, I never believed I would ever meet someone to love again. Because of my children, I was very involved in their sporting activities and by chance, at the end of a game one day I was introduced to this georgeous handsome man, whom I was told was widowed. It was an immediate attraction for both of us. Of course to me this seemed like the perfect man - no baggage as in an ex-wife at least and two children grown up and living their own lives. Our love blossed so quickly. He declared his love for me after only 5 days and I felt the same. We had such a wonderful time together. For the first time in years I was happy, really enjoying my life and had a wonderful companion to enjoy the weekends with. He was in every way the gentleman and very generous to a fault. We had a wonderful trip to the romantic city of Rome for 5 days and it was bliss. He promised to bring me back there on our first anniversary.

Then... without warning, one day he failed to return my call. The second day he did likewise and on the third day, I received a text message to my cell, telling me he would meet me the next day and "explain" everything.

My world fell apart... after 14 weeks of bliss... he announced that he could not "do this" and said he was still in love with his (deceased) wife! Not that I believed this for one minute. It was an excuse. He feared committment.

My heart is still broken, but I found inspiration and strength from Dianne's story and I have dumped everything he gave me and anything that reminds me of him. Whilst it will take some time longer to get over him, the words of a very good friend of mine keeps me going through the tough days. Her words are "better to have lost a lover - then continue to love a loser". I hope these words can help another who found themselves devestated at the hands of a man.

Marie Kilkenny
Republic of Ireland

Having just been dumped after a 4 and a half year relationship, 1 and a half of which we were engaged, I really appreciated Diane Farr's story in December's issue of Glamour. At first I was a little afraid and put off by the ease she seemed to have moved on, but as I kept reading I knew she experienced so many of the same things I have.

It has been 5 months since my guy called it quits and a mere 24 hours since I saw him to finally separate our belongings. It's rough, but Farr is right, we have to rely on our friends and learn to love life in a new way, an independent way.

The article couldn't't have come at a better time for me. Hopefully with her story in the back of my mind, I can hold my head up high and get myself through the holidays and the new year. Most importantly though is Farr's reminder that our friends are our most valuable asset and should always be taken advantage of!

Thanks to all of the great girlfriends out there, even those that I may only meet through the pages of a magazine!

Thanks again Glamour and Diane Farr!
Megan Saillant